Introduction Post

Hello. I’m Varrick. Welcome to my humble blog.

I’m so glad to finally launch this.

So…who am I?

I am a recent graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, with a trade diploma in Information technology. People around me know me for being a diehard crime fiction lover and writer. My favourite works of fiction include Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Departed and the OG Hong Kong trilogy Infernal Affairs which I will always recommend. Though I have tried my hands at other genres, my bigger and current project is, a crime novel inspired by a huge variety of crime mediums I have enjoyed as a child.

I aspire to go into film, blogging and vlogging, with being a published author my number one goal of course.

I have started to branch out to other forms and genres of writing, to cultivate my writing expertise. When I am not writing and cooking up criminal plots (it’s only for fiction, I insist), you’ll most likely find me training martial arts, working out or binge watching Youtube.

Speaking of martial arts, I started taekwondo at fifteen and got my black belt at eighteen years old, the same year I started Muay Thai and boxing.

Currently, I train Chinese Wushu. Martial arts have given me discipline and a fighting spirit. I also love to try other forms of artistic mediums, mainly drawing. I love to watch Youtube videos, reading online forums and gaming. That and of course, crime films. Recently, I have acquired a taste in military topics, and I have been reading vigorously through books, blog posts and online forums regarding them.

Why do I write? What motivates me to tell stories?

I write because since I was a little child, I tend to daydream vivid worlds, characters and the stories they form. This gave me the desire to get them out on paper and share them to the world. I found that I take immense pleasure from that. As they say, write the book you wish to read. I wrote for screwball’s sake of it till I was 15, when I decided to take it seriously.

With my truest, most heartfelt stories, I hope to show honesty, light and hence my mark in this world.

What would you expect from this blog?

Well, mostly I would post writing related posts, such as my thoughts about certain writing tropes, book reviews, or even interviews with my fellow writer friends – I already have several people in mind. But I am also open to writing about any other topic I find passion in.

So buckle up and enjoy the ride. *winks and steps on the accelerator hard*

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