21 things I learnt by the time I turned 21.

  1. What must be done has to be done. Whether you complain a lot, or you don;t complain at all, it still has to be done. 
  2. Nobody likes complainers, really nobody does. Venting is fine, but if you keep doing it over and over again, people won’t like it. And then you’ll get stuck in it. You’ll eventually find the smallest thing to complain about. 
  3. Appearances do matter. A lot. Unfortunately for some of you, but good news to some of you. Good news, you can make the most out of it.
  4. You always can make the most out of whatever lot of cards you are given.. 
  5. Grind hard at your passion at an early age so you can compound your potential asap
  6. Competition is everywhere. 
  7. To open up is to risk getting hurt. Or getting screwed.
  8. Insecurity will always be a part of life. As with all negativity you may feel. They don’t just disappear when you are an adult- your 21st birthday, (or 18 for some people) it’s not a magic day in your life where a halo suddenly shines down upon you and magically makes you into a perfect human being. Doesn’t work that way.
  9. There is no such thing as escape to a far away land and be free from all societal obligations and trials of life. 
  10. Friends come and go, but enemies (or people who don’t like you) accumulate. 
  11. Devices will screw up on you when you need it the most.
  12. It’s foolish to not have faith in anything
  13. Effort, kindness, and optimism will always pay off.
  14. Optimism is a trait of strength especially in these times.
  15. Improving in something is a beautiful thing.
  16.  Mindless consumption, addiction, and procrastination are silent killers in the modern age. 
  17. School won’t teach you everything you’ll need/want to know.
  18. Trust yourself and love yourself.  Be self-reilant.
  19. Certificates and rank belts don’t mean shit, skill does. I know black belts who can’t kick properly, degree holders with no common sense, and inversely, polytechnic students who make more money than fresh uni grads.
  20. Real ones move in silence. But when it’s time to strike, they strike hard. 
  21. Rely on a wall and the wall will fall, rely on people and people will run.

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