Introduction to the author

Varrick Kwang is a writer from Singapore who recently graduated trade school. He is known among his community for being a die-hard crime fiction writer.  

Though he has tried his hands at other genres, his bigger and current project is, you guessed it, a gangster crime novel inspired by a huge variety of crime mediums he has enjoyed as a child.

He aspires to go into film, blogging and vlogging, with being a published author his number one goal of course. He has started to branch out to other forms and genres of writing, to cultivate his writing expertise.

When he is not cooking up criminal plots (it’s only for fiction, he insists), you’ll most likely find him training martial arts, working out or binge watching youtube. 

He also does other forms of artistic mediums, mainly drawing.

He loves watching youtube videos, reading online forums and gaming. That and of course, crime films. He loves his free time and his walks in the neighbourhood. Feel free to contact him through his social media.